Cool Stuff January 2018

By Christine Davis

Paw Patrol Arm & Hammer Kid’s Spinbrush Battery Brush
Brush away all the sugar bugs leftover from the holiday candy with this Spinbrush that will appeal to Paw Patrol fans of all ages. It features a smaller brush head that better fits into kids’ smaller mouths while removing plaque and massaging the gums. Available at mass drug and grocery retailers. $7.99



Paw Patrol Orajel Anticavity Flouride Toothpaste
Transition kids from fluoride-free to a fluoride toothpaste with the help of their friends from Paw Patrol. This toothpaste helps to strengthen and protect their teeth from cavities with a fun Bubble Berry flavour. Available at mass drug and grocery retailers. $5.99



Petlandia books
Have your pet be the star of their own storybook. This online service lets you create a custom likeness of your dog, cat or rabbit to have your furry friend star in a personalized adventure. Each 36-page book is custom made and hand illustrated. Available at From $29.99 US


Oka L’Artisan snacking format cheese
It’s time to start packing lunches again and this snacking cheese from Oka will be a delicious addition with a blend of the unique traditional taste of Oka and Swiss cheeses. Available at mass grocery stores. Five portion pack $4.99; Nine portion pack $7.99


Orville Redenbacher Microwave Popcorn
Moms will feel good about serving Orville Redenbacher’s newly updated microwave popcorn as an after school snack knowing it contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. And kids will enjoy eating it, not knowing it is made with 100 per cent whole grain popping corn and that it’s high in fibre. Available in a variety of flavours and formats at major grocery retailers. From $3.49


Merge Cube
Merge toys and learning with this digital device that’s perfect for the future scientist, engineer, artist or comedian. It merges physical and digital worlds using augmented reality technology and the camera and sensors in your mobile device to enable young learners to hold a galaxy in the palm of their hand, examine fossils and ancient artifacts, watch a volcano erupt and play games like never before. Available at Walmart, Best Buy and $29.99


Lax-A-Nema Pediatric
Help keep little ones on the move with this single-dose rectal solution for immediate relief of occasional constipation. This saline laxative works by increasing fluid in the small intestine and usually causes a bowl movement within minutes. Recommended for ages 2 to 12 years. Available at pharmacies. $3



Beanstalk Jack
This is a musical retelling of the classic tale of “Jack and the Beanstalk” adapted as a folk-rock opera for families and includes ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s-style pop and rock, seasoned with a laid-back, bluesy element. Available on iTunes. $9.99 US



Domestic Objects bed canopy
Make this the year the family unplugs and instead enjoys each other’s company telling stories under one of these adorable play tent canopies that’s manufactured to fit securely over a mattress on the floor. It’s the perfect place under which to curl up and read and enjoy imagination-based play. Available at From $238


Pull My Finger
This hilarious new game combines two things kids love: Passing gas and monkeys. Spin the dial and watch his butt inflate. Make him pop and you win. How long can he hold it in?! Available at Toys R Us. $24.99



Dough Universe STEM toys
These sets, including the Techno Sounds Kit, Bright Creatures Kit and Electro Machines Kit teach kids ages 4 to 7 about electronics through good old messy play. The kits use conductive dough and basic circuits to teach the fundamentals of electricity through light, movement and sound. Available at Indigo/Chapters. $49.99


Lil Worker Safety Gear
Outfit your little one in real safety gear that keeps them fully visible either for fun, or in real safety situations with this selection of gear designed specifically for children. Choose from t-shirts, vests, hoodies and jackets in assorted neon colours. Available at Various prices



Real Working Buddies – Dusty
Mr. Dusty by Jakks Pacific makes cleaning fun. He can eat it up, sweep it up and dump it out. Mr. Dusty will pick up most small toys and use his motorized mouth to eat up the larger toys and express his personality with more than 50 phrases while doing it. Works on carpet and hardwood floors. Available at Toys R Us. $69.99



Ozobot Evo
This is a smart, pocket-sized programmable robot that comes to life and helps kids explore their creativity and challenge them to think outside the box. It comes alive through easy-to-use colour codes, and kids can even hack into the robot to re-program its features. Available at Best Buy. $134.99


Ultimate Lightning McQueen
This top-of-the-line racer features animated eyes, an animatronic mouth and emotive suspension so you can experience Lightening like never before. Connect to the app and see him respond to your driving commands. Available at Best Buy. $375


How to Build Brick Cars by Peter Blackert
Build, learn, customize and play with this book that offers dozens of detailed Lego designs for sports, race and muscle cars. Available at and Indigo. $32.99


Beasts From Bricks by Ekow Nimako
This book will provide hours of enjoyment with 15 step-by-step projects to make animals from around the world out of Lego Available at and Indigo. $32.99