Nutrition know-how and prenatal prep

Cutting out sushi, limiting caffeine and taking pre-natal vitamins are some of the most common ways expectant moms prepare for their new baby. In fact, new research shows 90 per cent of pregnant women are spending time thinking about their own nutrition while pregnant.

But what about preparing for after baby arrives?  The same research found that less than a quarter of expectant moms are concerned about how they will feed their newborn.

“Many pregnant moms think breastfeeding will be easy and natural – and it often is,” says paediatrician Dr. Leah Tattum and mother of two. “But there can also be some unexpected challenges. Having a feeding plan before baby arrives can make the transition much smoother.”

Dr. Tattum encourages expectant moms to speak with their doctor or a lactation consultant for tips and advice. Moms should also research the differences between infant formulas and have some at home so if it's needed, she won't have to make any rushed decisions.

“Breastfeeding is best for baby,” says Dr. Tattum. “But if a mother chooses to use infant formula, she should know they aren't all the same. I suggest using a formula such as Good Start Natural Cultures since it contains B. lactis, a probiotic which contributes to baby's healthy digestive tract flora.”

For more information about developing a baby feeding plan, speak to your doctor.