Car seats are meant to be strapped into a vehicle, not carried around like a piece of luggage. It's just that when air travel and kids are combined, the lugging of car seats through airports is a necessity. We always booked seats for our children, no matter how young and strapped them into their car seats on the plane. My husband's back paid the price but safety comes first. Too bad we didn't have the gogo Kidz Travelmate back then. The car seat straps onto the Travelmate, which is essentially a wheeled cart. The child can even ride in the seat as it rests on the folding cart shelf. Wheel the seat around just like a wheeled suitcase and strap the seat onto the plane seat without having to remove the cart. The Travelmate is available to rent from Wee Travel Inc. Baby Equipment Rentals ( for $5 per day or $25 per week. The rental service is offered in Toronto ( 416-737-1622) and Vancouver ( 604-222-4722)