New app keeps vaccinations on track


Have you been vaccinated against measles?  When was your last tetanus shot?  What vaccinations do you need to get for your trip? Thanks to the first national, bilingual smartphone app you’ll no longer be searching for these answers, or your vaccination records.  The app allows people across the country to easily and accurately manage their vaccinations and those of their family.

This free, secure app allows people to store, manage and easily access their immunization information, as well as receive reminders about vaccine updates based on their provincial/territorial vaccine schedules.  It is available for iPhone and Android operating systems, including Android-enabled BlackBerry smartphones. Download the app at the iTunes app store and Google Play. <>

ImmunizeCA was developed as a collaboration between the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Immunize Canada and the Canadian Public Health Association, with funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada.  
The YouTube channel <>  also has a how-to video <>  which better explains some of the app’s features and uses.

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