Keeping your kids entertained on your next summer road-trip adventure

Canadian summer is the perfect time to hit the open road and explore our beautiful country. When travelling with kids, it is important to pack strategically to keep the passengers from asking “are we there yet?” To make sure you and your family have the best summer road trip, here are some tips:

In Seat Entertainment
Fight backseat boredom to ensure a smooth drive by packing plenty of entertainment like books, iPads, travel-size games and colouring books. The Crayola Virtual Design and Drive kit is a great option to help stir imaginations while capturing favourite moments on the trip. Keeping kids happy and busy for the long-haul.

Unplugged Fun
While iPads and other tablets are a great way to keep busy on the road, unplugged games will get the whole family involved. Classic car games such as I spy with my little eye and Road Trip Bingo are great to entertain all passengers while taking in the road trip journey. Group activities can be a tool for a family bonding experience with all ages in the car.

Cut the Clutter
“It’s important to keep your car organized to prevent clutter that could turn into potential hazards, especially if you’re on a long trip,” says Petrina Gentile, automotive expert. “Consider trunk and glove compartment organizers, in-car waste disposal bags and a tech caddy to keep track of your toys and road trip snacks. Travelling with young kids? The Car Seat Backseat Organizer keeps your car clean, organized and will protect your seat from scratches and active little feet kicking in the back (” The more organized you are, the more comfortable everyone is.

Creative Snacks
Avoid being at the mercy of fast food stops along the route and pack snacks for the family to enjoy. Keep a cooler packed with picnic style food and plan for a scenic stop to enjoy along the road. Turn snacking into an activity by making creative snacks such as cereal necklaces to munch on in the car. Don’t forget the favourites! Your kids will be excited to enjoy their favourite snacks and beverages to keep the vacation energy flowing.

Being well-prepared for your next summer trip ensures your vacation starts the second you get in the car. Take some time to consider your