Company brings orthodontic affordability and accessibility to Canada

The typical orthodontic treatment plan costs between $5,000 and $8,000 – leaving many parents unable to afford the price tag on their child’s smile. At the same time, 6 of the 10 Canadian provinces have access to less than one orthodontist per 10,000 square kilometres – that’s the land size of two Prince Edward Islands – all of which makes orthodontists inaccessible as well as costly.

SmileDirectClub, an American company that pioneered at-home, doctor-directed invisible aligner therapy, recently expanded to Canada, offering a more affordable and accessible option for braces.

“We believe the whole world deserves a smile they love, and we’re eager to expand our mission of increasing access to care by launching in Canada,” said Alex Fenkell, co-founder of SmileDirectClub.

To begin the SmileDirectClub process, customers can visit a SmileShop – locations include Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Edmonton – to have digital images captures, or they can request an impression kit from an affiliated, duly licensed dentist or orthodontist. From there, the treating dentist or orthodontist creates a 3D custom treatment plan and prescribed custom-made, invisible aligners.

Customers follow simple instructions for wearing their aligners during the course of treatment without having to visit an office for checkups. Those are conducted remotely – saving time and money.

“Across Canada, our customers will have access to dentists and orthodontists who are licensed in the province where they live,” said Jeffrey Sulitzer, DMD, chief clinical officer at SmileDirectClub. “The treatment is doctor-prescribed and doctor-directed. Every customer’s case is overseen and monitored by a doctor through our teledentistry model.”

Payment can be made in a lump sum or over a 24-month payment plan.